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Cowbell Holder


CBH50 Cowbell Holder


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Brand: Tama



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TAMA's CBH50 is the safe and convenient way to mount a cowbell, tambourine, block, or other percussion FX directly onto your bass drum.

No drilling is required. The CBH50 sports a rock-solid hoop mount with rubber hoop protectors to prevent damage to your equipment. The rotating "L" rod comes equipped with an angle lock to prevent your percussion goodies from spinning or pivoting as you play; knurling on both sides of the rod promotes a secure pairing between your FX and drum kit. What's really useful is that the eyebolt can be removed and reversed to accommodate a wide range of setups.

Take it from drummers at Sweetwater: if you've been looking for a simple and secure way to mount a cowbell or other instrument directly off your kick drum, the TAMA CBH50 is as elegant as they come.

  • The safe, convenient way to a mount percussion FX off the front of your bass drum
  • Perfect for cowbell, tambourine, blocks, and more
  • Rubber hoop protectors prevent hoop damage
  • Rotating "L" rod with knurling and angle lock resists slippage
  • Reversible eyebolt — mount percussion on either side of the clamp