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Supro 1606 Super


1606 Supro 1606 Super
  • 1606 Supro 1606 Super
  • 1606 Supro 1606 Super
  • 1606 Supro 1606 Super

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There is a magic in the tone of a small tube combo that has been cranked up — a combo such as the original Supro 1606 1 x 8" guitar amplifier. With the release of this 1606 reissue, many of those huge-sounding tones of rock 'n' roll history can be yours with a simple twist of the amp's lone volume control. The character of the amp lies in its simplicity. Without other circuitry between the input and output, you'll hear and feel the true tone of your guitar in a brand-new way. And the custom-crafted 8" speaker absolutely nails the detail that made the original 1606s the classics that they are.

Often when we listen back to some of the most classic albums in rock, what we perceive to be walls of amp stacks were often recorded with a well-tracked combo amp. One of the most legendary examples of this is Supro's original 1606 1 x 8" 5-watt all-tube guitar amplifier. The amplifier's compact dimensions inject it with a midrange-focused sound that sits perfectly with a band and on a track, while its modest 5-watt power output makes the 1606 an ideal candidate for cranking into tube power-amp breakup. Whether you record or play for the pure enjoyment of it all, you owe it to yourself to check out a 1606 from Sweetwater today.

The sound you'll hear emanating from your 1606 combo amp reissue will be the pure and unchanged tone of your hands on your guitar. The only control that affects your instrument's tone is a single volume control that can take you from jangly cleans at low levels to gritty rock 'n' roll as the volume goes up. From there it's straight to the JJ 6V6 power tube on its way to your ears. With such a short signal path, you'll hear every detail and nuance of your playing, loud and clear.

Great care went into re-creating the magic 8" speaker that gave the original combos their character. Supro enlisted the help of the best engineers at Eminence, as well as Iowa State University, to laser scan the original speaker, ensuring they nailed every aspect of its design. In fact, Supro was so passionate about catching this amp's character that the '60s model used to create this combo is actually a "golden sample," owned by none other than Aerosmith's notorious tone hound, Joe Perry.

  • Compact combo amp with huge guitar tones
  • 5 watts are perfect for cranked overdrive at moderate volumes
  • Incredibly short signal path ensures your tone stays pristine
  • Custom-engineered 8" speaker by Supro, Eminence, and Iowa State University
  • High-quality JJ preamp and power tubes
  • Vintage-correct cabinetry