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Tube Guitar Amp Head Black


1697RH Tube Guitar Amp Head Black

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The 1697RH Galaxy is a 50-watt channel-switching tube guitar amp head designed to deliver more clean tone and more tube overdrive than any Supro ever made. The Galaxy amplifier combines the cleanest Supro preamp channel from its pedal-friendly Keeley model, with a Zinky-designed overdrive channel that has more than enough gain to seamlessly transition from the edge of breakup into complex tube saturation and sustain—without sacrificing dynamics or losing tonal balance at stage volume.

The Galaxy amplifier’s all-tube signal path includes footswitchable solo boost and buffered FX loop functions, as well as a six-spring reverb that can be assigned to one or both preamp channels. The unique gain structure, world-class reverb, advanced switching options and low-impedance FX loop capabilities found in the Galaxy deliberately move Supro into the realm of boutique American tube amps, pioneered by Randall Smith, Paul Rivera and Alexander Dumble.

The Galaxy clean channel is optimized for clean tone and maximum headroom. Derived from Supro's best-selling Keeley Custom amplifier model, this pristine preamp delivers warm, balanced tone that can get very loud without distorting. The crystal clear sound of the Galaxy is specifically designed for players who want to use effects pedals and drop-tuned guitars while retaining a firm, fat bottom punch and crystal-clear top end across the entire fretboard.

The Galaxy Overdrive channel comes fully loaded with independent Gain, 3-band EQ and Master Volume controls that allow precise frequency contouring and level matching with the robust clean channel. The result of a decade-long collaboration between Supro president David Koltai and legendary tube amp designer Bruce Zinky, the Galaxy Overdrive channel uses multiple cascaded tube stages to deliver a wide-open lead tone with more available gain than any other Supro.

  • All-tube, 50-watt, 1 x 12" guitar amplifier head
  • Clean channel is optimized for high headroom and low preamp distortion
  • Overdrive channel ranges from subtle grit to wide-open lead distortion
  • Channel two features a 3-band EQ and master volume for flexible tone shaping
  • Tube-driven, six-spring reverb's level can be set independently for each channel
  • Buffered effects loop for integrating time-based effects
  • Switchable boost works on both channels
  • Single-button footswitch included