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PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head


MT15 PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head
  • MT15 PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head
  • MT15 PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head
  • MT15 PRS Mark Tremonti MT15 - 15/7-watt Tube Head


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Paul Reed Smith and Mark Tremonti have collaborated once again, but this time, they've teamed up to create Mark's first signature amplifier! The PRS MT 15 is an articulate and bold-sounding 15-watt amplifier with the perfect tone for melodic lead tones and chugging rhythms. The clean channel offers bright and chimey sonic goodness while the lead channel excels in high-gain distortion that never loses note definition. An effects loop and adjustable wattage switch round out the versatility this amp has to offer. Whether you are touring, recording, or practicing, the Paul Reed Smith MT 15 will serve you well for a lifetime of great tone, portability, and protection.

Glistening Cleans
Guitarists tend to misjudge the clean channel on high-gain amplifiers, which is why Paul Reed Smith took extra care to make the clean channel coherent and crisp on the MT 15 Mark Tremonti Signature amp. Controlled by a simple layout consisting of bass, middle, and treble knobs, the clean channel is easy to operate along with a volume knob for that specific channel. Also featured on the clean channel is a push/pull boost control on the treble knob that adds a little overdrive for an old-school crunch.

Scorching Leads
Similar to the Paul Reed Smith Archon series of high-gain amplifiers, the MT 15 amp head has not 1, 2, or 3 gain stages, but 5! Thanks to a set of dual 6L6 tubes, the tight low end doesn't get muddy and stays fluent no matter how much gain you add. Easily shape your sound with bass, middle, treble controls, and control the overall amount of distortion via the master gain knob. There is also a master volume knob to control the overall volume level of the lead channel as well as a presence knob to further shape your tone.

Effects Loop and Other Great Features!
The MT 15 includes an effects loop on the rear panel of the amplifier to run time-based effect pedals correctly. The included 1-button footswitch allows the player to switch back and forth between the clean channel and lead channel. Despite being only 15 watts, this amp screams! The rear panel features a half power switch that takes the amp from 15 watts to 7 watts for practicing or recording.


  • Switch from 15 Watts to 7 Watts
  • Bright and Chimey Clean Channel with 3-Band EQ
  • High-Gain Lead Channel with 5 Gain Stages
  • 2 x 6L6 Power Tubes/6 x JJ EC83S Preamp Tubes
  • Effects Loop
  • Adjustable Bias
  • Footswitch and Amp Cover Included