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Marshall - ORI20C

Marshall - ORI20C

Model ORI20C

Brand Marshall

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Looking for a powerful yet versatile guitar amplifier that delivers the rich, organic tone of valves? Look no further than the Marshall ORI20C Origin 20W 1x10 Valve Combo.

Boasting traditional analog circuitry and a 20-watt all-valve power amp, this amp delivers the classic Marshall sound with a modern twist. The ORI20C features a 10" Celestion V-type speaker that delivers crisp, clear highs and warm, punchy lows, making it ideal for a wide range of playing styles and genres.

With a simple yet effective control panel, the ORI20C is easy to use and customize to your preferred sound. The amp features two channels - clean and overdrive - with separate volume and gain controls, as well as a three-band EQ and a tilt control for further tone shaping.

Other features of the ORI20C include a built-in effects loop, a DI output, and a power reduction feature that allows you to switch between 20W and 3W output, making it suitable for home practice as well as gigs and recording.

Crafted with the iconic Marshall style and durability, the ORI20C is built to withstand the rigors of touring and regular use. This powerful and versatile amp is perfect for guitarists who want the classic Marshall tone with modern features and functionality.

Order your Marshall ORI20C Origin 20W 1x10 Valve Combo today and experience the unparalleled richness and warmth of valve-driven sound.


  • Valves: 3x ECC83 and 2x EL34
  • Speaker: Celestion V type 10"
  • Power Control: Three options - high, medium and low
  • Tilt Control: Single channel control to adjust between normal and high treble
  • Equalisation: Treble, middle, bass
  • Footswitchable Features: Effects loop Gain boost