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Model SC20H

Brand Marshall

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Unleash iconic rock tones with the Marshall SC20H Studio Classic JCM800 Series 20W Head. Born from the legendary JCM800 amplifier series, this compact and versatile head packs a punch that will ignite your guitar playing. Delivering 20 watts of pure power, the SC20H Studio Classic retains the classic JCM800 sound while offering modern enhancements for today's discerning guitarists. Its all-tube design, including ECC83 and EL34 tubes, produces rich harmonics, warm cleans, and searing high-gain distortion, allowing you to achieve that signature Marshall roar. From bluesy crunch to soaring leads, this head covers the full tonal spectrum, making it a must-have for any rock and metal enthusiast.

The Marshall SC20H Studio Classic JCM800 Series 20W Head is not only a sonic powerhouse but also a versatile studio tool. The low-power mode lets you crank up the amp for that sweet power tube saturation at manageable volumes, making it perfect for recording sessions or small gigs. The inclusion of a series effects loop and DI output with speaker emulation provides seamless integration with your favorite pedals and direct recording setups, ensuring your tone is captured with precision. With its iconic design, rugged construction, and authentic vintage sound, the SC20H Studio Classic JCM800 Series 20W Head is a testament to Marshall's legacy and a reliable companion for guitarists seeking timeless rock tones. Ignite your passion, command the stage, and experience the ultimate rock experience with this Marshall powerhouse.