Risko Music Instrument Donation Program

Risko Music Donation Program
Did you know that at Risko Music we run an instrument donation program? It's true, we do!
We take in gently used instruments from our customers and local musicians who want to give their instruments a new home. If there are any repairs needed, we complete repairs before finding each and every instrument a new beginning with a new musician, or musician in training. 
Recently, one of our incredible customers donated all of the instruments pictured in this post. We're really excited to give these instruments a new home and grateful for their donation. The generosity and kindness of our customers is second to none, and for that, our community is truly lucky. 
We understand that instruments are an investment and that not everyone has the resources available. We want all musicians and music lovers to have access to instruments that will fuel their passions, so, if you know someone that would benefit from one of these instruments, or if you have an instrument in your possession that you think needs a new home, please email us at musicstore@riskomusic.com.  
Recognizing that Risko Music has a national audience, if you're not local to the Ossining area, but you have an instrument that is in need of a new home, we encourage you to seek out businesses or school programs that are local to you, that accept instrument donations. There are people everywhere who want to learn, and what might have been your first guitar, keyboard or other, that is now collecting dust because you've long-since upgraded, could be a pivotal development tool for someone's musical passions. Everyone deserves a chance to play.

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