Should I start on the acoustic or electric guitar?

Should I start on the acoustic or electric guitar?

This is one of the most common questions asked by beginning guitarists. "Should I start on an acoustic or an electric guitar". The answer is you can start on either.

Many people also this you should start on acoustic and "graduate" to an electric. Acoustic guitars come in many sizes these days, more sizes are available in acoustic guitars than electric guitars. One deciding factor might be the style of music one is interested in. If you like the acoustic guitar sound go for the acoustic. If you want electric guitar sounds and that is the vision, go for the electric.

Technically speaking in some ways the electric guitar is easier to play because the strings are thinner and can be very close to the neck making it easier to press down to get a sound.

Acoustic guitar strings are usually a little thicker and stiffer on purpose to help make the guitar ring out and produce a great acoustic sound. They are both great types of guitars and most players end up with at least one of each.

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