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Brand Ampeg

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Introducing the Ampeg 100W Micro SVTCL Head with 2x10 Cab Set, a compact and powerful bass amp that delivers the legendary Ampeg sound in a portable package. With 100 watts of power and a 2x10 inch speaker cabinet, this amp is perfect for gigging musicians who demand great tone and portability.

Built with high-quality components and attention to detail, the Micro SVTCL Head delivers the classic Ampeg sound that bassists have come to know and love. The all-tube preamp and power amp sections provide warm, rich tone that is perfect for any genre of music.

The 2x10 speaker cabinet is made with rugged construction and features custom-designed Ampeg speakers that deliver clear, articulate sound with plenty of low-end punch. The cabinet also features a tilt-back design that allows for easy onstage monitoring.

Additional features of the Micro SVTCL Head include a 3-band EQ, a built-in compressor, and a balanced direct output for recording or direct feed to a PA system. The amp also includes a footswitch for control of the effects loop.

Whether you're a professional gigging musician or a weekend warrior, the Ampeg 100W Micro SVTCL Head with 2x10 Cab Set is a powerful and versatile option that delivers the classic Ampeg sound in a compact and portable package. Don't settle for anything less than the best - choose Ampeg!