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Boss - BD2W

Overdrive Pedals

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Model BD2W

Brand Boss

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Looking for a pedal that can deliver that classic bluesy sound? Look no further than the Boss BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Pedal.

Crafted with Boss's renowned Waza Craft technology, this pedal offers a versatile range of overdrive tones that are perfect for blues, rock, and beyond. The pedal is built with top-quality components, including a custom-made op-amp, to ensure maximum performance and durability.

Whether you're looking to replicate the classic overdrive tones of the '60s and '70s or create your own unique sound, the Boss BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Pedal has got you covered. With its easy-to-use controls, including a tone knob and a level knob, you can easily dial in your desired level of overdrive and tone.

The compact and sturdy design of the Boss BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Pedal makes it an ideal addition to any pedalboard. So why wait? Add this top-of-the-line overdrive pedal to your rig today and start exploring new sonic possibilities. Whether you're playing blues, rock, or any other genre, the Boss BD-2W Waza Craft Blues Driver Pedal is sure to become your go-to overdrive pedal.


Tech Specs

  • Pedal Type:Overdrive
  • Analog/Digital:Analog
  • Inputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Outputs:1 x 1/4"
  • Power Source:9V DC power supply (sold separately)
  • Batteries:1 x 9V
  • Power Usage:18mA
  • Height:2.32"
  • Width:2.87"
  • Depth:5.08"
  • Weight:0.95 lbs.
  • Manufacturer Part Number:BD-2W