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Model FS6

Brand Boss

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Two switches in one, the FS-6 combines the FS-5L (latch-type) and FS-5U (momentary-type) technology into one unit. With two switches side-by-side, the FS-6 allows you to select either latch or momentary mode for each switch. Choose the configuration that best suits your playing style and setup.

The BOSS FS-6 Dual Foot Pedal is a versatile and reliable accessory designed for musicians and performers seeking hands-free control of their musical equipment. This compact and durable pedal features two switches that can be configured to control various functions such as channel switching, effects on/off, and more. Its rugged construction and non-slip base make it perfect for use on stage or in the studio. Compatible with a wide range of instruments and equipment, the BOSS FS6 Dual Foot Pedal is a must-have addition to any musician's toolkit. Shop now on Shopify to experience the ultimate in performance and control.