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Model SD1

Brand Boss

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Looking for a pedal that can deliver a wide range of overdrive tones? Look no further than the BOSS Super Overdrive.

This pedal is known for its rich, warm, and versatile overdrive tones, which make it a go-to choice for guitarists of all genres. The pedal features high-quality components, including a 50k Ohm input impedance and a dual-stage overdrive circuit, which deliver maximum performance and durability.

With its simple control layout, including a level knob, tone knob, and drive knob, you can easily dial in your desired level of overdrive and tone. Plus, the pedal features true bypass switching, which ensures that your guitar's natural tone is preserved when the pedal is not in use.

The compact and sturdy design of the BOSS Super Overdrive makes it an ideal addition to any pedalboard. So why wait? Add this versatile overdrive pedal to your rig today and start exploring new sonic possibilities. Whether you're playing blues, rock, country, or any other genre, the BOSS Super Overdrive is sure to become a staple on your pedalboard.