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Model SV20HU

Brand Marshall

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The Marshall SV20H Studio Vintage 20W Head brings the classic sound of rock's golden era into the modern age, offering the unmistakable tone of the legendary 1959SLP in a compact, studio-friendly format. Designed for the discerning guitarist, this 20-watt head is meticulously engineered to reproduce the iconic Marshall sound, delivering everything from rich, harmonic clean tones to the aggressive crunch that has defined rock music for decades. With a choice of high and low sensitivity inputs and a simple yet effective control layout, the SV20H allows for precise tone shaping, while its power reduction feature enables you to achieve that saturated Marshall sound at lower volumes, perfect for home or studio use. Its all-tube signal path, featuring ECC83 preamp tubes and EL34 power tubes, ensures a warm, dynamic response. The SV20H is not just a nod to Marshall's storied past; it's a gateway to vintage tones that have inspired generations of musicians, all packed into a road-worthy, elegantly designed head that's ready to command any stage or recording session.