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Mike Risko Music School Guitar Method Book 1

Mike Risko Music School Guitar Method Book 1

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Mike Risko Guitar Book 1 was written as the guitar curriculum for the Mike Risko Music School. Book 1 is easy to understand with many diagrams and explanations. You can go through the book on your own or with the assistance of one of our trained Risko Method teachers.

Book 1 has all the academic content  necessary to start playing guitar, learning songs and prepare you to play in a band.

Book 1 covers:

Open string letter and number names

Several methods for tuning including, relative tuning, using a tuner and tuning with harmonics.

Very clear theory explanations related to whole and half steps, key signatures, scale building, chord progressions, improvising and more.

Open string chords and chord progressions using easy to understand diagrams and explinations.