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Model CE24FR

Brand PRS

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Ignite your musical passion with the PRS CE24 Electric Guitar in Fire Burst Red, a symbol of fiery expression and sonic versatility. This exclusive offering from Risko Music in Ossining, New York, is more than just an instrument; it's a conduit for your creativity, designed to set stages alight with its vibrant tones and scorching aesthetics.

The CE24 model is a celebrated member of the PRS family, known for its bolt-on neck construction that offers a unique tonal clarity and attack. The Fire Burst Red finish is not just a color but an embodiment of the guitar's dynamic and lively sound. This instrument is crafted to stand out, both visually and sonically, with its striking appearance and versatile sound palette.

Featuring a meticulously selected maple top on a resonant mahogany body, the PRS CE24 in Fire Burst Red produces a rich, balanced tone with an exceptional sustain that PRS guitars are renowned for. The 24-fret maple neck, adorned with the iconic PRS bird inlays, provides a smooth and comfortable playing experience, ensuring that every note and chord is within easy reach.

Equipped with PRS 85/15 pickups, this guitar offers a broad sonic landscape, from clear, shimmering cleans to powerful, overdriven growls. The intuitive control layout, including a 3-way toggle switch and push/pull tone control, allows for effortless tonal adjustments, making the PRS CE24 suitable for a wide range of musical genres and playing styles.

Available now at Risko Music, the PRS CE24 Electric Guitar in Fire Burst Red is ready to embark on a nationwide journey, bringing its exceptional playability and captivating looks to guitarists across the country. Whether you're shredding solos, crafting rhythms, or anything in between, this guitar is built to accompany you on every step of your musical voyage.

*You are looking at the exact guitar that we have in stock in Ossining, New York.