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Model DWCE24ZA

Brand PRS

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Introducing the PRS Dustie Waring Signature CE 24 Floyd in the exclusive Waring Burst finish, a high-octane electric guitar crafted for precision and power. This signature model, available at Risko Music in Ossining, New York, is engineered to meet the rigorous demands of Dustie Waring, guitarist of the progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me. It's not just an instrument; it's a powerhouse designed for the modern musician.

The PRS Dustie Waring Signature model showcases a unique blend of PRS's renowned craftsmanship with specialized features for enhanced playability and tone. The guitar's standout Waring Burst finish is not only visually striking but also highlights the instrument's meticulous construction and the quality of materials used.

Equipped with Dustie's signature Mojotone "DW Tomahawk" pickups, this CE 24 model delivers a cutting, aggressive tone that can handle everything from intricate clean passages to full-throttle distortion. The Floyd Rose tremolo system provides unparalleled stability and precision, allowing for extreme pitch manipulation without losing tuning integrity.

The CE 24's bolt-on maple neck, featuring a custom profile designed to Dustie's specifications, offers a fast, comfortable playing experience, while the 24-fret maple fingerboard adorned with signature bird inlays ensures you have the full range at your fingertips.

Risko Music in Ossining, NY, is thrilled to offer this distinctive model, complete with nationwide shipping, ensuring that players across the country can experience the exceptional quality and performance that PRS and Dustie Waring have collaboratively crafted.

Whether you're a dedicated fan of Between the Buried and Me or a guitarist seeking an instrument that combines aesthetic appeal with sonic ferocity, the PRS Dustie Waring Signature CE 24 Floyd in Waring Burst is a perfect choice. Elevate your playing with this signature model and make a statement both visually and sonically. Contact Risko Music today to secure this masterpiece for your collection.

*You are looking at photos of the exact guitar we have in stock in Ossining, New York.