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Model FIORE29

Brand PRS

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Discover the enchanting beauty and sonic versatility of the PRS Fiore Amaryllis Electric Guitar, a masterpiece designed in collaboration with the acclaimed guitarist Mark Lettieri. This exquisite instrument, with its vibrant tones and fluid playability, is proudly offered by Risko Music, available for nationwide shipping across the United States, ensuring that musicians from coast to coast can experience its exceptional qualities.

The PRS Fiore Amaryllis is not just a guitar; it's a canvas for musical expression, embodying a perfect blend of aesthetic grace and auditory excellence. Its sleek, modern design is complemented by the nuanced tones and textures it can produce, making it a versatile tool for guitarists across various genres.

At the heart of the Fiore design is a commitment to tonal diversity and clarity. Equipped with a set of specially designed Fiore pickups, this guitar offers a wide array of sounds, from warm, rich cleans to dynamic, articulate overdriven tones. The pickup configuration, consisting of a single-coil in the neck and middle positions, along with a humbucker at the bridge, can be finely adjusted via the guitar's unique control layout, featuring a 5-way blade switch and push/pull tone controls for coil splitting.

The body of the PRS Fiore in Amaryllis is crafted from high-quality, lightweight swamp ash, providing a resonant foundation for its sonic capabilities. The maple neck, topped with a rosewood fretboard, offers a smooth, comfortable playing experience, while the signature PRS bird inlays add an elegant touch to the guitar's overall aesthetic.

Risko Music is excited to present the PRS Fiore Electric Guitar in Amaryllis, a symbol of innovation and craftsmanship. Whether you're performing on stage, recording in the studio, or practicing at home, this guitar is designed to inspire and elevate your musical journey.

Embrace the opportunity to own this remarkable instrument and let the PRS Fiore Electric Guitar transform your playing experience. 

*You are looking at photos of the exact guitar we have in store in Ossining, New York.