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Model HDRX20

Brand PRS

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The PRS HDRX20 amplifier is a marvel of modern engineering that bridges the gap between classic tone and contemporary versatility. Inspired by the iconic amplifier sounds of the 1960s and '70s, yet infused with the precision and flexibility demanded by today's musicians, the HDRX20 offers 20 watts of pure, harmonically rich tube power. With its 6L6 power tubes, this amp delivers a robust and clear sound, capable of cutting through any mix. The amp's unique feature set includes a 2-channel design, with each channel boasting its own distinct voicing and control set, allowing for a wide range of tones from clean, shimmering highs to deep, growling lows. The HDRX20 also incorporates modern conveniences like an effects loop and a reverb control, making it not just a powerhouse for live performances but also a valuable tool in the studio. Designed with the meticulous craftsmanship PRS is known for, the HDRX20 stands out as a versatile, high-quality amplifier suitable for guitarists across all genres.